Kalyanadurgam Project was initiated in April 2016 and is situated at distance of 58 KMs from Anantapur, the district headquarters. It is around 250 kms from Bangalore.

Geographical area of Operations

Anantapur district is having 63 mandals and CCD is already working in 9 mandals with its office at Puttaparthi and expansion at Kalyanadurgam in 14 mandals in Andhra Prasesh state and 4 hoblis (Blocks) in Tumkur district of Karnataka state such as: Kalyanadurgam;Settur; Kundurpi; Kambadur; Beluguppa; Brahmasamudram Atmakur, Battalapalli, Tadimarri, Narpala, Bukkarayasamudram, Yellanur, Kanaganapalli, Rapthadu mandals, Nagalamadake,Niegal,Y.N.S.Kote and Pavagada hoblis.

The average rainfall: The average rainfall of the district is 560 mm per annum.

Main Crops: Ground Nut, Mango

Cooperative and Member:
  • Mandals - 19, Villages - 155
  • Cooperatives - 137, Farmers - 13,054
Village Meetings:

As part of in Cooperative formation process, Field Officers were conducted couple of meetings in the potential villages.

Capacity building

Exposure Visits:

As part of its initiative to promote and strengthening the Commodity Cooperatives, staff organise visit to places where the cooperative concept is strong and well proved. The members of newly formed cooperatives will be taken to existing operational place of Sri Satya Sai Federation Mill, situated at Guttur village, Penukonda Mandal.


As part of regular effort to build the capacity of farmers, ongoing training along with Reorientation trainings to the Board of Directors (BODs) will be held twice in a year. These training focus on Cooperative Principles and Business Rules for the Executive Committee members of all the Cooperatives. The Executive Committee members of all the cooperatives will undergo this training covering the topics like:

  • Concept of the Cooperatives
  • Membership and Roles & Responsibilities of a Member
  • Executive Committee –EC and its Roles and Responsibilities
  • President and General Manager – Their Roles & Responsibilities
  • Procurement – Terms and Conditions and Quality aspects
  • Members' Savings and its importance.

These trainings help the members to refresh their vision towards the importance of Cooperatives, how to lead them in the path of success.
Book Keeper trainings: Maintenance of books at the cooperative level, Handling of cash, Procurement Systems, Quality Check etc., are also regular trainings.