Financial Support

Where the money comes from?

For the NGO
  • Institutions: Several institutions which are committed to utilize a part of their profit for the social service are the main financial source for CCD. About 90% of the financial support comes through these institutions namely AXIS Bank Foundation, Infosys Foundation, APPI and SDTT.
  • Individuals: Likeminded individuals, who feel it as their responsibility to spend a part of their earnings towards social upliftment and determined to contribute to the wellbeing of the fellow citizens, are with CCD making a remarkable contribution in its work.
For the Federations :

The Federations, both at Adilabad and Anantapur, are involved in processing and value addition activities. These federations have a direct linkages with the farmer members (mobilized and coordinated by CCD Staff) in the procurement of produce.

For the procurement, the initial investments, in the form of loans, are taken from financial institutions like :
  • FWWB

A few individuals are also extending financial support, at times, to the Federations.

Where the money goes?

For the NGO
  • Organizational Expenses;
  • Capacity building;
  • Market Support to the Cooperatives and Federation
For the Federations :

Working capital